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Coursera Courses:
   This is a specialization with 6 courses focused on Architecting with GCP. (Note: For GCP Associate Engineer Certification, you can focus on Course 1-3.)
       1) Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
       2) Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation
       3) Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services
       4) Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation
       5) Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Containers and Services
       6) Reliable Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process (not necessary)

Google Docs :

Udemy Courses
       1) Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide (Loony Corn)
       2) Kubernetes on the Cloud & The CNCF CKA Certification ( Loony Corn)


– Datastore. Indexes — creating them, updating them. Which file do you update for this? Can you do this only using gcloud or also from the console? – Datastore. Data retrieval using identifiers, batch. – Deployment Manager . How do you templatize a repeatable infrastructure setup?
– GKE. When is gcloud used as opposed to kubectl. When is Deployment Manager used and when is Kubernetes deployment used – PCI compliance. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Are GCP products compliant? Are all of them? What additional work do you need to do to make it compliant? – GDPR. You don’t have to know the GDPR law thoroughly, but know what implications there are to be compliant with it and therefore which products/services should be used and in what way. I would suggest to gather high level information on GDPR.

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