Show all slots with attached array

hpssacli ctrl all show

Show all logical drives in slot 3

hpssacli ctrl slot=3 ld all show

Show all physical drives in slot 3

hpssacli ctrl slot=3 pd all show

Show disk attached to controller 3, port 2I, box 4,bay 2

hpssacli ctrl slot=3 physicaldrive 2I:4:2 show


Create filesystem on new disk.
1. List all disks

hpssacli ctrl slot=3 pd all show

2. Create logical disk using listed drives with mirroring

hpssacli ctrl slot=3 create type=ld drives=1I:1:1,1I:1:2 raid=1

3. List device name of new logical disk (ld2 = array B)

hpssacli ctrl slot=3 ld 2 show | grep Disk

4. Create volume group using new logical disk

vgcreate vg01 /dev/sdb

5. Create 2TB logical volume on volume group

lvcreate -n lv_hadoop -L2T vg01

6. Create filesystem on logical volume

mkfs /dev/vg01/lv_hadoop
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